Our Physical Books

Welcome to our growing book library . We produce publications for progressive young minds. A great deal of thought goes in to our publications. The main goal is to plant positive ideas in our children’s mind that will grow and benefit them. 

Representation plays a big part in giving our children confidence and love of self. In this way we can affirm the fact that they can be and do anything (and they will). 

Our books are a fun starting point that will take our children on a journey of learning through games and learning resources


For the digital Ebook versions of our publications, please click the button below:

Round & Round Colouring Book

Have fun colouring the pages while learning about inspirational leaders and forward thinkers from history that supported and practiced group economics. The book also includes colouring pages with powerful affirmations that will empower your children.

£ 6

Round & Round Activity Book

Continue the conversation with your children with the fun Round & Round activity book. This great new learning resource accompanies the Round & Round story book.

£ 7

Round & Round

A beautifully illustrated rhyming story teaching group economics from an early age.

£ 5

Round & Round Book Series Combo

The Round & Round book series is a great introduction to Group Economics and Entrepreneurism for kids. 3x children’s books.

£ 19