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I’m Jeremy, father of six homeschooled children, author and illustrator of the Round & Round Book Series teaching children Group Economics and Entrepreneurism.

As parents and educators we want to make learning as stress free as possible. Alot of the work goes into lesson planning so we developed the Group Economics & Entrepreneurism Lesson Planner. The lesson planner has a six week plan for 5-8 year olds and a four week plan for 8-12 year olds. Us the Weekly and monthly planners to schedule lessons around the times that suit you. The Group Economics & Entrepreneurism lesson planner was created to accompany the Round & Round book series. These are, the Round & Round story book, activity book & colouring book.

If you already have these books great! If not you can purchase the physical books or download the ebooks.


The lesson planner contains 26 pages of Daily lessons  plan, Weekly planners, Monthly calendar planners, Certificate of achievement and page for writing note.   

There are also video led lessons where the students watch a video, have a discussion or answer questions. Other lessons will require the students to design business promotional material like a company logo and flyer designs. If you don’t have any design software, no problem. We recommend and provide links for Canva, a free design software tool capable of producing professional designs.

On the completion of the four or six week program, I feel it’s important to acknowledge their achievement with certificates provided . This is a very helpful resource for parents, homeschoolers and educators. We hope this will be a valuable addition to your children’s education.

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