Seven Reasons Why we Should Teach Children Group Economics & Entrepreneurism

Seven Reasons Why we Should Teach Children Group Economics & Entrepreneurism

In this new social and financial climate we live in today, I think it’s very important that children and young people learning the fundamentals of Group Economics & Entrepreneurism. Rather than waiting on a government solution to our community problems I suggest a more self help approach. Communities all over the world that work together can thrive and prosper during the worst financial storms.

As well as helping ensure a good future for our young ones, learning Group Economics & Entrepreneurism can give them vital skills that will assist them now and in years to come. So here are seven reasons why we should teach our children Group Economics & Entrepreneurism:


Builds Confidence and Self Determination

Group Economics teaches children how to be in control of their financial destiny and that of their community. Being in control creates confidence and confidence creates success.


Money Management & Financial Literacy

Learning how to manage their own money can help grow their finances and avoid any future financial problems.


Learn How to Support Others & Work in a Team

Working with others to achieve a single goal is a powerful skill. As an individual you can only go so far but all big businesses and institutions where built by groups, families and communities.


Learn How To Build Their Own Business

Making money while doing something they love can be a fun and great skill to learn. While starting a business children can learn many valuable financial, technical, life and character building skills that will stay with them into adulthood.


Problem Solving

The great thing about group economics is that you’re not alone. A group of brilliant minds can brain storm any problem or obstacle with a solution. Good problem solving and creative thinking skills is a catalyst to genius.


Create Generational Wealth

Group economics can help create generational wealth in your family and community. Our children can be the first to start or continue family and community wealth.


Cultivate a Caring and Generous Character

Group economics teaches children how to be caring, supportive and understanding to the other people in their group or community. These are valuable skills practised by leaders and successful people.

To help you on your journey to teach your children Group Economics & Entrepreneurism I have a series of books and learning resources. The Round & round Book Series is a great introduction to Group Economics & Entrepreneurism.

You can also check out my video Seven Reasons Why we Should Teach Children Group Economics & Entrepreneurism”

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