I’m Rooting For You!

So I came across this amazing word in the yiddish language “FARGIN”. This literally means to wholeheartedly appreciate the successes of others.

In a world where many of us will do all we can for personal successes and gain, this is a very rear quality in general society and a vital component to group economics.

So in a practical sense this means; we will support your business as part of our group or community. We will buy from you over other businesses out side of our group or community. If you get it wrong, we will let you know so you can fix it, but we will still buy and support you.

When you have these kind of ethics in your community or group culture, it can only create cohesion, respect, genuine care and concern that will promote real growth.

Fargin is when Issa Rae said “I’m Rooting for every body Black”! Being genuinely happy for the successes of others is a very health and positive character trait that can help you and people around you grow.

I propose that we all practice Fargin in our own families, groups and communities and see how much more we can accomplish together.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend and I wish you successes in all you do,


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